ZigZag helps retailers manage returns globally

ZigZag helps retailers manage returns globally

We manage returns through our award winning returns portal. ZigZag will grade your returned products and can consolidate, refurbish, locally redistribute, recycle, destroy or even resell your stock internationally on a revenue share basis. Winner of the 2017 Sustainability Innovation Award and ShopTalk Europe.

ZigZag is fast, easy and convenient

Retailers that use ZigZag benefit from reduced costs, improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction – allowing them to deliver significant returns on their investment.

1. Register with ZigZag

It’s simple and quick to get set up on ZigZag’s award-winning technology platform. Just get in touch for a demo.

2. Improve your returns process

Once set up, ZigZag will track and manage your returns for you – allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

3. Increase your ROI

Using ZigZag to manage your returns will improve efficiency and customer satisfaction – saving you time and money.

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