This table is really solid.

  1. An example of solid is a well-built table that isn’t likely to fall apart.
  2. An example of solid is an argument that is backed up in fact.
  3. An example of solid is a piece of Easter chocolate that is chocolate all the way through instead of just a shell around an empty center.

An example of a solid is an ice cube.

  1. tending to keep its form rather than to flow or spread out like a liquid or gas, relatively firm or compact
  2. filled with matter throughout, not hollow
    1. having the three dimensions of length, breadth, and thickness: prisms and other solid figures
    2. dealing with bodies or figures in three dimensions
    1. firm, strong, and dependable: a solid structure
    2. substantial, sound, and reliable: solid reasoning
    3. sturdy or vigorous: a solid build, a solid punch
  3. serious, not superficial or trivial: solid scholarship
  4. complete, thoroughgoing, or genuine: solid satisfaction
    1. having no breaks or divisions: a solid line of fortifications
    2. written or printed without a hyphen: a solid compound
  5. characterized by no pauses or interruptions: to talk for a solid hour
    1. of one or the same color, material, or consistency throughout: a solid walnut table
    2. consisting of one unalloyed metal throughout, also, containing no more alloy than is necessary to insure hardness: said of gold, etc.
  6. characterized by or showing complete unity, unanimous: a solid vote
  7. thick or dense in appearance or texture: a solid fog
  8. firm or dependable: a solid friendship
  9. Informal having a firmly favorable or good relationship: to be in solid with someone
  10. Informal healthful and filling: a solid meal
  11. Slang very good, excellent: a solid dance band
  12. Printing set without spaces between the lines of type

Origin of solid

Middle English solide from Middle French from Classical Latin solidus from sollus, whole: see solemn

  1. a substance that is solid, not a liquid or gas
  2. an object or figure having or represented as having length, breadth, and thickness
  1. A substance having a definite shape and volume, one that is neither liquid nor gaseous.
  2. Mathematics A geometric figure having three dimensions.
  1. Without a break or opening, completely or continuously: The theater was booked solid for a month.
  2. As a whole, unanimously: The committee voted solid for the challenger.

Origin of solid

Middle English solide from Old French from Latin solidus , see sol- in Indo-European roots.

(comparative more solid, superlative most solid)

  1. In the state of a solid, not fluid.
  2. Large, massive.
  3. Lacking holes or hollows, as solid gold, solid chocolate.
  4. Strong or unyielding. a solid foundation
  5. (slang) Excellent, of high quality, or reliable. That’s a solid plan.Radiohead’s on tour! Have you heard their latest album yet? It’s quite solid.I don’t think Dave would have done that. He’s a solid dude.
  6. Hearty, filling. a solid meal
  7. Worthy of credit, trust, or esteem, substantial, not frivolous or fallacious.
  8. Sound, not weakly. a solid constitution of body
  9. (typography) Written as one word, without spaces or hyphens. American English writes many words as solid that British English hyphenates.
  10. (printing, dated) Not having the lines separated by leads, not open.
  11. (US, politics, slang) United, without division, unanimous. The delegation is solid for a candidate.
  12. Of a single color throughout. John painted the walls solid white.He wore a solid shirt with floral pants.
  13. (dated) Having all the geometricaldimensions, cubic. A solid foot contains 1,728 solid inches.
  1. (chemistry) A substance in the fundamental state of matter that retains its size and shape without need of a container (as opposed to a liquid or gas).
  2. (geometry) A three-dimensional figure (as opposed to a surface, an area, or a curve).
  3. (informal) A Favor. Please do me a solid: lend me your car for one week.I owe him, he did me a solid last year.
  4. An article of clothing which is of a single color throughout. I prefer solids over paisleys.
  5. (in the plural) Food which is not liquid-based. The doctor said I can’t eat any solids four hours before the operation.

(comparative more solid, superlative most solid)

  1. Solidly.
  2. (not comparable, typography) Without spaces or hyphens. Many long-established compounds are set solid.

From Old French solide (as an adjective), from Latin solidus (“solid»).

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