adjective, sol·id·er, sol·id·est.

having three dimensions (length, breadth, and thickness), as a geometrical body or figure.

of or relating to bodies or figures of three dimensions.

Definition of solid (continued)

having the interior completely filled up, free from cavities, or not hollow: a solid piece of chocolate.

without openings or breaks: a solid wall.

firm, hard, or compact in substance: solid ground.

having relative firmness, coherence of particles, or persistence of form, as matter that is not liquid or gaseous: solid particles suspended in a liquid.

pertaining to such matter: Water in a solid state is ice.

dense, thick, or heavy in nature or appearance: solid masses of cloud.

not flimsy, slight, or light, as buildings, furniture, fabrics, or food, substantial.

of a substantial character, not superficial, trifling, or frivolous: a solid work of scientific scholarship.

without separation or division, continuous: a solid row of buildings.

whole or entire: one solid hour.

forming the whole, consisting entirely of one substance or material: solid gold.

uniform in tone or shades, as a color: a solid blue dress.

real or genuine: solid comfort.

sound or reliable, as reasons or arguments: solid facts.

sober-minded, fully reliable or sensible: a solid citizen.

financially sound or strong: Our company is solid.

cubic: A solid foot contains 1728 solid inches.

written without a hyphen, as a compound word.

having the lines not separated by leads, or having few open spaces, as type or printing.

thorough, vigorous, great, big, etc. (with emphatic force, often after good ): a good solid blow.

firmly united or consolidated: a solid combination.

united or unanimous in opinion, policy, etc.

on a friendly, favorable, or advantageous footing (often preceded by in ): He was in solid with her parents.

Slang . excellent, especially musically.

a body or object having three dimensions (length, breadth, and thickness).

a solid substance or body, a substance exhibiting rigidity.

Origin of solid

1350–1400, Middle English

Related Forms

  • adverb : solidly
  • noun : solidness
  • adjective : half-solid
  • adjective, noun : nonsolid
  • adverb : nonsolidly
  • noun : subsolid
  • adjective : transsolid
  • adjective : unsolid
  • adverb : unsolidly
  • noun : unsolidness

Can Be Confused

1 . cubic. 5 . dense. See firm 1 . 6 . cohesive, firm. 9 . sound. 11 . unbroken. 18 . solvent. 22 . strong.

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Grammar Greats and Gaffes

1 . flat. 6 . loose. 11, 24 . divided.

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Examples from the News

  • “This will take a lot of solid negotiating,” says Mark Schneider of the International Crisis Group.

Meet America’s Next Ambassador to Cuba

  • By nightfall, I had showered, eaten some soup that a friend brought me, and I slept in my room for 12 solid hours.

    I Was Gang Raped at a UVA Frat 30 Years Ago, and No One Did Anything

  • So there is nothing wrong with using the charms of, say, Parks and Recreation, to create some solid bonding time.

    The Daily Beast

    Binge Watching is the New Bonding Time

  • Now, the Memphis congressman is one of only a handful of white Southerners in his caucus and the once Solid South is deep red.

    Southern Dems Won’t Rise Again

  • True, a solid majority backs the Democratic position on the substance.

    Staving Off a Democratic Civil War

    • At first the solid blackness seemed to lay a weight on their foreheads.

    Thomas Wentworth Higginson


  • But it is in the direction of Turkey that all the solid advances are made.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327

  • There she always finishes her hostility by making some solid acquisition.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, No. 327

  • The bridge was tremulous beneath me, and marked the tremor of the solid earth.

    Other Tales and Sketches

  • But these are mere conjectures without any solid foundation.

    Benedict of Spinoza

    A Theological-Political Treatise [Part II]

  • *Предлагаемые к заключению договоры или финансовые инструменты являются высокорискованными и могут привести к потере внесенных денежных средств в полном объеме. До совершения сделок следует ознакомиться с рисками, с которыми они связаны.

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