Results Realised

Results Realised


International development isn’t easy.

So what’s the best way of supporting sustainable development in some of the world’s most challenging and volatile environments?

Firstly, by having the right people – our diverse team of experts is unique. We can devise smart development solutions in any region and sector.

What we're doing.

We deliver innovative solutions to support development projects in the areas of:

  • Policy development and advocacy
  • Strategic information, data analytics and informatics
  • Project management
  • Research, monitoring, evaluation and learning
  • Financing, modelling and economic analysis
  • Project design and strategic planning
  • Specialist technical assistance
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Human capital, training and systems strengthening

How we’re making a difference…

Economic Growth

A competitive and vibrant private sector remains the primary way to reduce poverty, create employment, and increase access to important goods and services. We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, governments and non-government groups to improve private sector competitiveness, enhance market and business performance, and create the conditions for pro-poor and sustainable growth.

And, crucially, we help poorer households and communities understand how markets affect them as entrepreneurs, suppliers, consumers and employees – so they can fully benefit from potential economic opportunities.

By transforming education systems and institutions, we help improve individual learning outcomes. Our work spans early childhood, primary and secondary school, vocational, and university education.


Environmental issues are amongst this century’s most pressing, with climate change, ecosystem degradation and resource depletion disproportionally affecting the world’s poorest in both rural and urban areas. Only when we govern our natural resources effectively can we achieve inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth and development for everyone.

We work in Africa, Asia and South America to help people and communities to share in the wealth of natural resources around them, and build their resilience to the impacts of climate change, natural disasters and resource conflicts.

We’ve pioneered multi-stakeholder approaches in contested sectors such as forestry and mining. Our experts combine technical knowledge with exceptional consultation and negotiation skills across a variety of sectors, including forestry, climate change, land, water resources and extractive industries.


How can we improve the lives of the world’s most vulnerable communities? By ensuring their governments have the capacity to deliver essential services. Effective state institutions are necessary to ensure people’s lives are improved with better services: from health to education, security and job creation.

Economic growth, social stability and quality of life all depend on the wellbeing of a nation’s citizens. When people are healthy, they can go to work and go to school, they can look after their families, and they can invest in the future.

Health is fundamental to the quality of life – which is why we work with a range of clients to develop new ideas across the sector.

As a thought leader and trusted partner, we help governments and businesses tackle complex health system, policy and governance challenges.

Our specific services include tailored technological solutions, marketing initiatives and research and evaluation tools.

Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian crises pose a significant threat to long term development wherever they occur. We recognise the growing scale and evolving nature of need arising from natural disasters and complex emergencies, and work with governments to mitigate and manage risk, to provide timely and effective humanitarian assistance, and to reduce vulnerability to future shocks.

Our global footprint allows us to mobilise resources quickly and effectively.

We have experience in providing operations and logistics support for humanitarian operations, managing the effective allocation and use of funds, and supporting recovery and resilience.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms demonstrate accountability, enable innovative and responsive programming, and improve our understanding of what constitutes effective development. We measure and disseminate results across our portfolio to ensure the highest standard of programme delivery.

Since 2003 we have conducted over 120 assignments in 26 countries for bilateral, multilateral, NGO and government clients, focusing on development sectors that include health, governance and growth and livelihoods. Our team of specialists has experience both within these sectors and across different methodological disciplines.

Workforce Development

Sustainable economic growth requires a skilled, educated and competitive workforce. Through initial preparation, continuing education or workplace training, we align human resource capability to support communities, industries and organisations in achieving their goals and objectives.

Our Workforce Development portfolio enables people to gain community, organisation and job-relevant skills. With a broad geographical focus, our service offerings include labour market analysis, scholarships, technical and vocational education, alumni professional development and national and industry skills mapping and assessment.


Innovative technology will play a crucial role in solving development challenges. We provide expertise in the development and implementation of informatics and communication technology. Our cutting-edge approaches move organisations in resource-poor settings towards integrated, data-driven decision making.

We are recognised by our technology peers as the foremost thought leaders in mobile health, interoperability and data warehousing to support the development environment.

Using ingenuity and innovative technology, we solve developmental challenges by providing real solutions that work in remote, rural or difficult to reach areas.

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