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Profit group

Airtime puts more money in your pocket!

It’s all in our name Profit Resources Group

high-value services your customers will love

Profit Resources Group Delivers!

Profit Resources Group stands by our motto “Our Goal is to Provide the Best Resources Available for Profit to our Agents”. PRG works hard to find the best products and services in the market. Customers receive a wide variety of products and services at competitive prices. We strive to offer the best or highest revenue to our agents, at the same time driving additional new customers to an Agent’s location. Price and good customer service will bring you success as you build a lasting relationship with your customers and fulfill reliable revenues for your work.

PRG is the one stop solution for prepaid products and services. When we consider partnering with a Service Provider, we not only look for best pricing and highest commission, we examine their Customer Service and the simplicity in the way the Service Provider does business. We like the simple solutions that reap big rewards.

Services to grow your Profits and Volume

Whether you have fifty locations or just one, Profit Resources Group can improve your revenue stream!

Our Prepaid Products and Services can bring profit to your bottom line. All you have to do is strengthen your relationship with your existing customers and focus on adding new customers. The benefits of becoming a part of the PRG Agent Network are limitless – why not join us today?

By joining the PRG Agent Network today, you will have a group of professionals working for you at no cost. We have great plans for the future and we want you to share in the excitement. PRG has additional products and services coming soon, stay tuned.

See how easy it is to Earn Money with PRG

Ready for a live demonstration of the PRG agent system? Just let us know!

With a wide range of add-on products and services and highly attractive offers, Profit Resources Group makes expanding your retail business easy and profitable – and we’re ready to show you just how EASY it really is to join the PRG team! Simply give us a call at (877) 327-6801, or send us an email, and request a live demonstration. When it’s time for your demonstration to begin, click the “Live Demo” link below.

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