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Latest US action against Russia hits rouble and forces Glencore chief’s hand

President says he is nearing decision over US reaction to alleged chemical strike

German carmaker declines to expand on why it is exploring changes to management structure

At FT event, Chris Hughes also faults social network for role in rise of Donald Trump

Chinese president’s rehash of Davos address fails to reduce risk of trade war with US

The investment manager is creating options for those who want to avoid firearms

Staff at California-based Chanje spend 20 per cent of their week on self-improvement

President tweets ‘Attorney-client privilege is dead!’ after FBI action

Campaigners say decision threatens regulatory protection for tech companies in EU

Oslo has ‘no objections to a transition period’ with ‘flexible solutions’

Listing could value petrol group at $4bn and break drought of Africa-related offerings

US-China trade fight

New report shows sharp decline in cross-border deals as pipeline dries up

Threats and counter-threats have been made, and neither side is willing to budge

China’s unfair trading practices have distorted markets around the world

Europe News

Seller of phone cards must present audited accounts by end of April to avoid technical default

Finance ministry says buyout groups do not suit its model for running $1tn oil fund

Valdis Dombrovskis says time is running out to complete reform project

Five Star and League say ‘age of privilege is over’ for politicians

A western response should dent Assad’s invulnerability and that of Moscow and Tehran

Latest in Video

Miranda Green tracks down the politicians who privatised Britain’s trains


As top performers are offered pay equal to bankers and hedge fund managers, is the lockstep system under threat?

Fresh dispatches on China’s economy and the challenges it poses for the world

Britain is desperate to relieve a housing shortage, but plans to build on ‘greenbelt’ land around London have angered many of Theresa May’s supporters

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