Dme airport limited

Dme airport limited

The center for maintenance and reengineering of foreign aircrafts — DOMODEDOVO TECHNIQUE Company Limited — was established using the facilities of Domodedovo Moscow International Airport Aircraft Maintenance Base. DOMODEDOVO TECHNIQUE Company Limited is the only Russian company maintaining airworthiness of foreign aircraft unaffiliated with any airline. Therefore, DOMODEDOVO TECHNIQUE Company Limited does not have any preferences with respect to providing its services aircraft operators.

Currently, Transaero, KrasAir, WIM AVIA, KD Avia, ORENAIR, UTair, Air Berlin, Gazpromavia and other airlines are among the company’s clients.

DOMODEDOVO TECHNIQUE Company Limited provides aircraft maintenance services pursuant to certificates issued by authorized Russian and international organizations:

1. The Certificate of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation issued in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR-145) for line and scheduled maintenance of aircraft with rating applied to the following makes:

  • Boeing 737-300/400/500,
  • Boeing 737 NG,
  • Boeing 757-200,
  • Boeing 767-200/300.

2. The Certificate of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in accordance with the requirements of PART-145 with rating applied to the following makes:

  • Boeing 737-300/400/ 500,
  • Boeing 737- 600/700/800/900,
  • Boeing 757-200,
  • Boeing 767-200/300.

3. The EASA Certificate for line maintenance of Airbus 319/320/321 and similar aircraft covering the following types of maintenance:

  • Transit check (pre-flight and post-flight aircraft servicing),
  • Daily check (maintenance performed every 48 hours),
  • Weekly check (weekly maintenance),
  • as well as basic types of maintenance, including A-check (maintenance performed every 300-500 hours) on Boeing type aircrafts.

4. The EASA Certificate for maintenance and repairs of wheels and brakes on Boeing 747/757 and similar aircraft. To date, DOMODEDOVO TECHNIQUE Company Limited is the only Russian company whose wheels and brakes maintenance and repair workshop complies with international standards.

The company offers its customers the following additional services:

  • engineering and technology support (developing maintenance schedules, airworthiness directives/standards and service bulletins),
  • operations planning and management (monitoring airborne hours, identifying the necessity of maintenance following respective schedules requirements), and
  • procurement and logistics (consumables, tools, spare parts, equipment, warehousing).

The company employs over 300 people, including 60 engineering specialists holding certificates for maintenance of foreign aircraft, including C-check (a basic type of scheduled maintenance performed every 2,000 hours). Many employees have over 10 years of work experience. The ongoing training and exchange programs with leading Russian and foreign manufacturers allow our employees to acquire advanced skills in technical and technology solutions.

In 2008 we plan to:

  • upgrade our rating for Boeing 737/767, Airbus 319/320/321and similar aircraft maintenance,
  • certify and launch a new workshop for tailoring and mending of seat covers and sun shades, as well as cutting carpet mats for foreign aircraft, and
  • commence C-checks on Boeing 737 aircraft, which will enable DOMODEDOVO TECHNIQUE to acquire leading positions in foreign aircraft maintenance services market in Russia and CIS.

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